Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Boomer...Going Strong

When I pulled, now Boomer, from a gentle shelter in Kingsland, Georgia, I had no intention of doing anything other than getting him healthy and fostering him until Doodle Rescue Collective (DRC) could find him a "furever" home. That all changed but just a few hours once we arrived back here at the ranch.

Boomer was, obviously, an indoor dog. His first move on entering our abode was to hop up on the sofa and immediately go to sleep. He did  meet and greet the others in the Clan, but all he wanted to do was sleep. That, and the rest of us, let him sleep. He must have slept for 4 hours before I announced it was kibble time. Of course he did not know what that was, but following his roommates, he was all in.

That evening was nothing but making sure he was comfortable. WHAT?  He make himself comfortable without our help and,  not only that,  he interacted with the rest of the Clan like he had been here forever. Hmmm. Even Guinness, the"I don't like other dogs", cuddled up to him. That was a first.

Well, needless to say, I foster-failed and Boomer became #4 in our Clan. That said, let's fast forward to today.

It is Boomer's grooming day. As most know, he has a very serious dermatology problem. Right now we have it pretty much under control with medications and home grooming. So far we are a head of the game. But, on to today. It was his time for his grooming appointment and he was very apprehensive and why, I do not know. He did not want to get out of the car. He started shaking violently as we went in. I held him close and, as he was about to go into the back, he turned to me with a look as if...."please don't leave me". My heart broke. It was hard to leave.

I had errands to do and then back to the ranch to attend to my babies there. I did get an early call saying Boomer was ready for pickup so I high tailed back there and found he was all nicely trimmed, prim, and proper, and he was so relived to see me. On our 40 minute journey back, he slept, but once we got close, he perked up and started to get excited. We were home. HE WAS HOME!

The rest of the day was playing with his Clan mates, eating, and resting after a hard day...for him. Tonight, he will sleep well.

Tomorrow...it is Honey's turn at the groomer. And the next day it is Rosco's turn. Going to be a busy week here at the BODR. But...I would not have it any other way.