Tuesday, February 19, 2019

There are many parts of my day that I cherish. One is waking up and having the Clan all over me clamoring to get out for their first constitutional. Another is the quiet time afterward when I have my coffee and browse the internet. But, one of my favorite times is when I get to feed my babies.

We do that two times a day, once around noon and again around 6 PM. They get their daily subsistence divided into these two meals (along with their many meds). The portions are carefully measured, therefore, they maintain their weight and health, as they have for many years.

Their noon, and first, meal is straight forward without any pomp and circumstance, but their evening meal, most often, contains some frolic and drama. I guess I will have to do a video on that. It gets quite funny and I love it.

Once their bellies are full from the evening meal all they want to do is sleep....well...until I announce 'Last Call", then it is pandemonium to see who can get outside first. Once back in they then transitions into serious sleep mode.

But, maybe I am not ready. No matter, they sidle up against me and wait for my move. When it is time, they routinely take their nighttime positions as the lights go out, at least for the time being (Honey and Boomer are restless nighttime roamers).

Living here at our Doodle Ranch, this environment, this home, this cradle of love, is the best I could have ever asked for, given our circumstance.

I know many of you feel this way. You may have a cat, a dog, a rabbit, lizard, bird, or any other creature. Just, please, give it the love you would give any other family member for they are family, too, not just a pet.

Friday, February 8, 2019

First Signs of Spring

Each year, toward the end of January, a large group of male robins descend upon our area. I am told they winter-over in Florida and this is the beginning of their annual migration north. They hang around for a few days feeding on the insects in our yards. This is their vanguard.

Several days pass and the males are joined by an even larger group of robins, both male and female. This second group always has some other species mixed in with it, mostly male and female blackbirds and cowbirds. Their numbers are well over several hundred if not more. They are constantly singing and squawking making our area sound like an aviary in a zoo. It is very pleasant to hear. They will be around for, maybe, another week and then they will disappear as quickly as they appeared. 

We have very mild winters here and our spring usually comes early. This is its first sign. It is welcomed.