Saturday, January 5, 2019

Looking For Dinner

The BODR is in a rural part of Northern Bryan County, GA. Although we are not isolated, we are sort of in a small community with quite a few residences close by. That doesn't mean, though, we are not in the country. We most certainly are.

Last night, as the sun was making it's exit after a very rainy day, the sky and land took on a very orangey glow. It was almost dark as I walked past our kitchen window and something caught my eye in our yard. At first, I thought it was a large Red Tail Hawk. We have many around here and they like to stalk out our bird feeder, but no, it was an owl and a huge one at that.

I rushed to get my camera and tripod for the light was almost gone. I set it up and took many images in the near darkness. I was surprised they came out. I did, although, have to enhance them in Adobe Lightroom.

We have heard the owls around here a lot, but I have never seen one. This one is a Barred Owl. Any one interested, this image was taken at 1/2 sec exp/300mm/5.6/ISO 12800. And to top it off it was taken in my kitchen through the window.

Love the Ranch.