Sunday, April 15, 2018

Time is Precious

It has been a while since I have made a post here. Just been so dang busy. With my daughter, Veronica, settling in with us and getting everyone situated to our new situation, the days just do not have enough hours in them. Believe me, they are tiring to us all.

I do admit, though, her being here has made me more motivated and animated than I have been in a long time. These past two weeks has seen me out and about more than I have been in the last year totaled. And that is a good thing. We have been doing lots of errands to get her residency here established, to get here fur-baby, Gizmo, settled with our vet and his meds straightened out. Along with that we are dealing with Spring yard work, other home projects, and, generally, getting settled. We do, however, take occasional breaks to get out and relax.

My biggest concern and task, though, is Boomer. As I mentioned in previous posts, his sebaceous andenitis has flared up again. It started with me noticing, back in mid-February, several spots that needed attention, but my attention did not help and, very quickly, his hair, his beautiful body of hair, started to fall out in huge clumps.  It was everywhere. Just rubbing him and my hand would be filled with it. I could not brush or comb him for it would cause him to bleed. Thankfully, I was able to get an appointment with his dermatology vet very quickly. He upped his meds to where they were last year and, with the vets recommendation, increased his oil soaks and medicated baths to twice a week. That is two hours of oil soak and as many baths as it takes to remove the oil. All-in-all it take 2-3 hours. But, to me it is worth it.
Early February 2018
April 10th, 2018 before shave.

Once we saw the vet we came home and I shaved him down completely. I hate to see him like that, although, he has no comprehension of how he looks. I believe, though, he feels a lot better. This will be another struggle we deal with daily here at the the BODR.

April 10th, 2018 after shave.

On another subject, I have been contemplating starting a video blog (Vlog) on YouTube. I, already, have a channel there with several videos I have made in the past and have always liked making story videos. I queried my FB friends and got an overwhelming yes, but only if I continued to post the stories here on FB. No problem. I can handle multi-tasking. Currently, I am working on what the vlog will look like and its content. It may be a while, but it is coming along.

We are looking forward to the Spring, finally, settling in and transitioning to our typical summer. Cannot and will not complain about our summers here. Well....except for the gnats, but they can be tolerated. Today we had a long soaking rain and were glad for that. We had been in a kind of drought for a while and the 6 hours of perception was welcomed. Unfortunately, I will need to cut this large lawn more often.

Tomorrow Veronica and I will visit Joyce as it will have been our 25th anniversary of our being together. From there we have more errands to do before we get back to the BODR. Hopefully, I can get the lawn mowed and start some of the yard work this place so badly needs. But, Doodle play time will not be compromised.

Well.....that's about it from the BODR tonight. Looking forward to the development of our vlog. I will make sure all will be informed as to its progress.

So...from all of us here, to include the O'Doodle Clan +1, have a great evening and a great day tomorrow. Nite for now.