Monday, March 19, 2018

Need to Say Something

I am often asked which of the O'Doodle Clan is your favorite? None of them. Not one. To pick a favorite, at least to me, would be taking away from the others, in a way. Each one has a completely different personality. Each one of them shows their love and devotion to me in a different way..... as I do them. So, they are all my favorites.

Let's take Guinness. He was the first. Came here as a 7 week old puppy. Yes, we spoiled him, but we also trained him thanks to Eric Letendre. He did not like to cuddle from the onset. We respected that. Instead he liked to lay at or on our feet. He did like to be close, but he liked his space, too. He, eventually, made his own man (dog) cave.

Rosco, who came a year and a half later, took awhile to adjust to his new family, but once he did he went all out to make sure we knew he appreciated his new home. He, too is not one to cuddle, but, unlike Guinness, he wants to be very, very close. Not in your lap, but right up against you. He shares my pillow every night with his head up against mine. He likes that. I do too.

Then comes Honey. A full three years later. Y'all know Honey's story. She became the one to cuddle, unlike Guinness and Rosco. Anytime we would sit on the sofa, she was up there with her head in our lap. She is a very independent personality. Testing me all the time, but in the end she knows I rule and submits, very willingly. She 'HATES" being called a bad girl and when I do say that she butters up to me for hours upon end. Then I submit.

Now, three and a half years later, Boomer arrives on the scene. Had no intentions of adding him to the Clan, but right off I saw some qualities in him that mirrored Honey. What clinched the deal was how well he hit it off with the rest of the Clan and how they, totally, fell in love with him on day one. Never had they done that with any of my fosters. He, however, did not have a entirely different personality than the others. His was like Honey's, save one thing, he responds to all commands immediately. Now, instead of just Honey on my lap, I have two, one on each side. Could not ask for more.

I cannot say my life with four Doodles is easy, especially with three of them requiring special attention and medications. But, hey, I chose this. And I love it. My life would otherwise be pretty much empty.

So......for all of you with Doodles, please, please do not take them for granted. They are your family as we are here. Take care of them and they will take care of you in so many ways.

Seems I have contracted diarrhea of the keyboard tonight, but it is something I have wanting to say for a long time. Dang! How do I end this? OH!!! I know.

Nite y'all from us all here at the BODR. Hope y'all's evening is or was great and hit the bricks running tomorrow.

Friday, March 16, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Eve 2018

Well this is another Friday night at the BODR. Yes, there was pizza. It was what I call a garbage pizza meaning I tried to clean out the fridge. And it was great! No sauce, but the pie was drizzled with a good EVOO then topped with thinly sliced tomatoes covered with slices of Provolone. On top of that went some onion, green pepper, and kielbasa sausage. Finally, I topped it off with sliced bella shrooms and sliced black olives all covered with shredded Moz. But, I did not take pics. Sorry. No movie either.

It has been very busy here and we are trying to get everything ready for our big change. I tore apart our clothes washer and had to rebuild it from ground up. Took almost a week and a half with the parts all over the place, but got it back together today. Test run? A-OK! 👍
Tomorrow I have to install the RV electrical hook-up. Been working on that for the past several weeks, too, and everything is ready to install. This will give full power to the RV, including the A/C. Sorta like a luxury guest house for the BODR.

All of this activity has all of us very tired each evening, especially the Doodles. They know change is coming and all are so excited, but for now we have to be focused on getting things done and that is what we are doing.

So with all of that we are going to jump into the haystack and crash. Everyone enjoy the rest of your evening and, especially, enjoy tomorrow. Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!! I may even have a green beer.