Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Once I have my dinner, I just lay here and hope Daddy drops something. Always on the ready.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lesson To Be Learned

Honey: She is the darling of the Berry Oaks Doodle Ranch Clan. She is loved by so many. She is an angel. Loved yes, angel NOT!!!! She is a BRAT!!!


We have been having critter problems in our BODR space. Let me explain. The entire ranch (1 acre) is surrounded by a 4 foot chain link fence. Attached to the bottom of the fence is chicken wire buried a few inches into the ground. The previous owners (and builders) had two small Yorkies who liked to dig so they took extreme caution to make sure they did not escape. Over the years the chicken wire in certain areas of the fence line has rusted and broken so as to allow small critters, specifically rabbits, to entire our domain. Squirrels have always been here and have not presented problems for they are quick and close to the trees, however, one rabbit seems to have taking a liken to a Sago palm in the front yard and took up residence there. They are not as quick as squirrels. With the intense hunting instincts of Doodles and, especially Poodles, both Honey and Boomer took up the effort to flush out this rabbit each morning and night. They became obsessed with it. Several nights ago I blocked the holes in the fence where the rabbit enters, with wood until I could repair the areas with new chicken wire. No sight of the rabbit since.

Earlier this evening:

I  always take the Clan out before their dinner for a potty break. Tonight was no different. Boomer is always first wanting to chase the squirrels from the bird feeder. He is too slow to catch one, though. Rosco is usually right behind him, although he is a bit slower these days and lags behind. Guinness is next in line only because he wants to. He is not interested in squirrels, just balls. Honey takes up the rear with her stuffy toy in her mouth. Tonight, for her anyway, was different. She ran lickety-split to the back woods and started searching for that wascally wabbit. She even dropped her stuffy as she rushed out. This is not something she does.

After few minutes outside the rest of the Clan knew their kibble dinner was awaiting and all gathered at the door to get in and in they went. No Honey, though, so I went searching. Yep, there she was in the back woods trying to flush out a non-existent rabbit. I called to her several times, well more than several, to come for kibbles, but she ignored me. This is something she has been doing recently and it is bothering me. She, usually, is good with the "come" command. I believe this rabbit thing has her so obsessed that she ignores everything, including me and her kibbles. She loves her kibbles.

After several minutes of trying to coax her into the house with verbal commands and promises of kibbles I told myself "this will end tonight." It was getting dark. I went back into the house, turned on the yard lights, and closed the door. I prepared the rest of the Clan's dinner. At least 15 minutes had passed and still no Honey at the door, so I waited. Now it was very dark and after another ten minutes she appeared at the door wanting in. Not so fast.


Once a few minutes had passed I let her in, but I had closed off the kitchen to her. I set the rest of the Clan's dinner down so she could see them eating. This upset her. She whimpered. I told her it was because she was a "bad girl" (she hates being called that) and next time when I say "come", well you know the rest. She sat there as they ate and and once they finished I cleaned up their bowls, opened the gate and let them relax in their happy places. However, I did not let her into the kitchen for I closed the gate after they left. I waited ten minutes before I set her dinner down. She ate very quietly. Since then she has been snuggled up to me as if it was freezing out. Before our last potty call for the night I told her, very sternly, "go potty and come right back in." She did.

Now as I sit here finishing the last of my wine, she is cuddled on my lap. Honey is very intelligent, as are the others, and I hope she will learn from this evening's lesson. We will see. If not, we will continue this lesson tomorrow.