Sunday, November 8, 2015

We awoke early to a cool, dreary and drizzly morning. Once we shook the cobwebs out of our heads we began our morning rituals, but with a bit of hurry-up. We needed to be on the road early.
Several times a month, on Sunday mornings, we all pile into the Doodle Mobile (all Doodle families have one of these) and head out. We always stop to get a fresh bouquet of flowers. They smell so good and are very colorful. Mommy loves flowers.

As we approach, the Doodles get antsy. A definite mood change comes over them. When we get out there is not the usual frolicking and pulling on the leashes. They are very calm and stay close to me.
We walk a short distance and they immediately either sit or lay down always facing the same direction. They know where they are. This is one of the only times I dare let go of their leashes for I know here they will not go anywhere until I pick them up again.

We place the flowers and stay awhile enjoying the visit. I know it is time to leave when Rosco begins to get morose. He seems to miss his Mommy the most. I do not believe he has gotten over this nor do I believe he ever will.

Our ride home is always very quiet. Once home I make sure they get to run and play before we go inside. This seems to cheer them up and the rest of the day becomes normal. It is very obvious they have not forgotten their Mommy. We look forward to our next visit.

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