Saturday, December 6, 2014

Extreme Guinness

Guinness is 6 years old and going strong. He still requires a lot of exercise each day, much more than Rosco or Honey.  He does this by running after and fetching a ball, over and over and over. He never gets tired of it. OCD. So....for at least several hours a day we make sure he gets that exercise, when practical. Here is a short video of what he does when we get bored of toss it in a straight line.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Honey's Reunion

As you all know by now, our three Doodles mean a lot to us.  They all hold a special place in our hearts and lives. Honey, however, has not only carved out her place in our lives , but in so many others, also. Her journey from birth to us has been more than a beautiful creature like she is should have endured. But, she made it and now is in her "furever" home.

Along the way she had to make a stop to a foster home.  The foster parents fell in love with her, too, but hey were not in a postion to adopt her (they already had two Doodles, one a very small puppy). They made sure, for the two months she was with them, that she was comfortable and very well loved and taken care of.

When I met them and her and brought her to the vet in the Dallas, TX area (see previous post) I made sure she would not ever be homeless again. She is now an integral part of our family and always will be.

We have constantly been in touch with her foster parents, now her God parents, and with a stroke of good luck they were able to visit us New Years Eve.  The following video is the reunion between Honey and her God parents and sister Doodles.  The video and pictures cannot canovey the love that was felt entire time they were with us.

It is amazing what just one of God's creatures can do to bring so many people together.