Monday, September 24, 2012

Still breathing and still traveling.....

Yes, we are still breathing and still traveling.  We have been so busy and so many of the places we have visited were so poor in coverage we fell very far behind in our posts.  I tried to catch up, but when I tried to upload the next one it was going to take over an hour so, we fell farther behind.  This will soon be rectified for we are almost at the end of our journey.  As of this date we have just a few stops left and are within 800 miles of home (Savannah).  Estimated return time is October 16th.  Once back, we will rest a bit then catch up on here.  Many, many posts and many exciting stories to tell so, hold on a few more weeks and then the deluge of posts should begin.  We are tired and are looking forward to settling down.  Stay tuned.

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