Monday, August 20, 2012

Racine (Caledonia), Wisconsin (August 19-21, 2012)

Our sole purpose of visiting Racine is to meet up with my 1st cousin who I have not seen in over 60 years. My last recollection of visiting with him and his parents was in the early 50s when we all took a very long trip from Rhode Island to Racine. I, actually, cannot remember meeting with them and my cousin, who is a bit younger, says the same, but it is a good time to renew family ties.

We arrived at the RV park late in the afternoon due to some weather and heavy traffic conditions.We settled in and made a light dinner followed by a walk through the park, some sitting outside, and an early bedtime.

The next morning we took it easy as my cousin would be coming to visit us mid-afternoon. We had decided to cook some burgers on the grill and try to catch up on too many years apart. We had been in touch through email for quite a few years and we shared a lot of information on our ancestral past. His dad and my dad were half brothers and had remained in touch over the many years, as he did with his sisters.

When Buzz arrived it was like we had grown up together. Hugs and tears for the years apart. We sat and talked, and laughed, and wondered how our parents survived way back then. Our snacks, dinner, drinks, and good family discussions came to an end too early though. Some how I knew we would not meet again in person. Sad to think of things like that.

After his departure we cleaned up and watched a movie. We did not want to leave early tomorrow. because the rush hour traffic was bad around here. Tomorrow we head to Door County, Wisconsin. Heard good things about that place.

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