Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Omaha, NE (August 5-8, 2012)

Our intention was to stay here for a few days and do some much needed shopping and vehicle maintenance (minor). That and relax a bit. We had been on the go non-stop since we left Colorado Springs 7 days ago. Couple that with the heat we had experience and just being plain tired, we needed some down time.

The Offutt's RV park is very nice and the people here very friendly. We realized that we were about to get some storms so after dinner and walk we secured everything just in case. Our next door neighbor, however, was not there and I became concerned about their awning and lawn chairs. I waited until the last minute and when they did not return I secured the awning and tied the lawn chairs down. The weather station said the storms may be quite severe....and they were, however, not too long lasting. Other than some very high wind and very little rain, it passed through quickly. The temps today had been in the mid-80s and quite comfortable so we surmised the temps would lower a bit as they do when a front comes through. WRONG!

The next morning we we were out drinking our coffee and sitting with the kids when our next door neighbors came out. The gentleman immediately came over to us and asked if we had secured his site from the storm. When I told him we did he became so very grateful he and his wife went back inside and returned quickly with a bottle of wine. He wanted us to have it for being thoughtful of his RV. They had been on a day trip and heard there was severe weather heading this way, but they would not be able to make it back in time. They had called the park office, but they had closed for the evening. They knew they were going to come back to a damaged RV. I told them that is what we RVers do. Look out for one another. Well, not all do, but we do.  We accepted the wine under the condition we could all enjoy it with appetizers later on. We did and we made some more friends that day.

Spending the day cleaning, doing maintenance, and grocery shopping brought us through the first full day here, but the cooler weather did not arrive. In fact, it started to get hot again. Please, NO! But, yes. After wine and appetizers with our newly found friends we went for our nightly walk before dinner. It was enjoyable and relaxing. Tomorrow we will explore Omaha.

And explore we did. Unfortunately for us there was not much to see or do. There were several museums we would have like to look into, but, dang, the temps were over 100°F again. Forecast was for more to come. Time to move north again.

We are heading for Minnesota now. Much cooler there. Will have to make on overnighter first so we will determine that once on the road tomorrow.

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