Friday, August 3, 2012

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (August 1-3, 2012)

Traveling on Interstate-40 through northern Texas can be pretty boring. Not much to see. It took us almost 4 hours to complete the 246 mile drive to the Council Road RV park just outside of Oklahoma City. When we arrived just after noon time the temperature was 105°F. The park manager expected it to go higher. Not good. This meant minimum outside time for us and the pups. Our reservation here was for 5 nights, but if the temps stayed this hot we may have to shorten our stay and head north to cooler weather.

There were many things we wanted to do here. Several museums along with some good steaks and BBQ, but we had a few errands first. Top on the list was exchange our ice maker. We had it only 6 months and it stopped working. Luckily I purchased a warranty that allowed us to exchange it for a new one if anything went wrong in the first 24 months. So off to Camping World for a new one. Ice is mandatory in hot weather like this.

When we returned to the RV the air conditioning was running full bore and the inside temperature was 89°F. Awful. Even the refrigerator was having a hard time staying cold. The outside temperature, in the shade, was 111°F now. We tried to sit outside, but it was too unbearable, especially, for Guinness and Rosco. Inside wasn't much better. I had to do something to cool it down so I grabbed the tin foil and began covering all of the windows. This helped somewhat, but not much. Even the new ice maker couldn't keep up. Maybe tomorrow would be cooler, but it doesn't look like it. A record was set today with a high temperature of 112°F.

We all did not sleep very comfortably for the inside temperature only got down to 79°F. By the time we got up the outside temperature was 85°F and rising quickly. Forecasters were calling for another hot one. We decided to get in the truck and take a ride. At least the truck's air conditioning was cool. We drove around the city and the local country side most of the day. We saw a lot, but could not get outside very often due to the heat. By the time we arrived back at the trailer the thermometer in the truck read this:

Completely unacceptable.

Although the official temperature was 112°F, the RV office thermometer read 117°F. Our truck was parked on asphalt and in the sun when this was taken. Temperature in the trailer was 94°F. Time to start packing up.

We were on the road early this morning. The RV park manager was very cordial and didn't blame us to seek out a cooler climate. He even refunded our unused nights. Not sure how far north we will have to go, but we are going and won't stop for more than one night until we feel cooler.

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