Friday, August 3, 2012

Oklahoma City, OK to El Dorado, KS (August 3, 2012)

We headed straight north, but after a several hundred miles traveling through farm country with scorched corn fields we pulled into an RV park in El Dorado, KS, a bit northeast of Wichita.  The temperatures here were not much cooler than in Oklahoma City. Still well over 100°F. We did not unhook the trailer from the truck for we wanted to depart the next morning with as little effort as possible.

With the trailer being in a shadier site than the last park, the temperature inside was decent. We did walk outside a bit, but not too long. Guinness and Rosco could not take the heat so we stayed in and watched a movie. Later on, after dinner, we were able to walk for a while as it started to get cooler.

We had really wanted to explore this area more, but they were calling for more hot weather over the next few days. We pitied the poor farmers around here for their corn crops were gone. Tomorrow we will keep heading northerly. Looking like we may find a respite from this heat in Omaha. We'll make that decision tomorrow night.

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