Friday, August 17, 2012

Minneapolis, Minnesota (August 15-18, 2012)

Our stay here will be brief. It is, basically, a stop over on our way to Racine, Wisconsin. We arrived early in the afternoon and since the park was tucked away in the woods we just laid back for the rest of the day.

Our next day here was devoted to phone calls, grocery shopping, some grooming of the kids, and housework. We did not do any sight seeing. We will do that tomorrow when we go to the Mall of America.

Our last full day we headed to the Mall of America to see the "biggest mall" in America. And it was. The standout feature of this mall was the indoor amusement park. We were very impressed. As for the shopping ? Same as most other malls. Many of the stores had more than one location in another part of the mall. There were some different stores we had not seen, but only a handful.

Deciding we did not want to walk the entire place we found a restaurant, Dick's Last Resort, and had lunch. We had not been to one of these, although we had seen them before. As soon as we sat down the bartender started being very snarky to us. Seeing that we were about to get up and leave he quietly explained that was what the place was about. He then went easy on us since we were his only customers. We did enjoy the place and would, probably, go back if we found another one on our travels. The next time we will fire back.

Once we left the mall we drove around a bit, but the traffic was to heavy and we headed back to the RV park and spent the rest of the day with the kids, have some snacks, and and a few cocktails in front of the campfire before dinner. Tomorrow we will head to Racine, Wisconsin.

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