Sunday, July 29, 2012

Colorado Springs, Colorado (July 20-30, 2012)

We had been to Colorado Springs once before.  I had been on a business trip and was fortunate, for the first time, to bring Joyce along. The little we did see of the area we liked and decided to return one day.  Well, here we are for eleven days.

The grounds of the U.S. Air Force Academy are beautiful. The city is located just a few miles from the academy and is a sprawling metropolis. One of the big attractions in this area is Pike's Peak. We really did not have a desire to drive up this 14,000+ foot mountain.  We had all had enough of narrow winding mountainous roads so we would see what other sights were available.

Once in and settled we took the rest of the day and the next to house clean and play with the boys. The park was very large, quiet and gave us a very relaxing feeling. It was very warm (mid-90F) so our outside activities were slow.  We set up Guinness' swimming pool and he took full advantage of it. Rosco did his favorite things: hunt for lizards and play with his stuffed toy. Joyce and I just chilled.

U.S Air Force Academy RV Park

Coolin' it on a hot day.

Come on, throw it?

On the way to the RV park between Denver and Colorado Springs we noticed a sign for the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, CO. Luckily, it was going on each weekend while we were there. We, immediately, decided to attend on Sunday.

We started out around 9 AM and arrived in plenty of time for the opening ceremonies. We had been to several renaissance festivals in the past, mostly in Maryland, and enjoyed them very much. We were very surprised as to the similarities to the Maryland festival.  Even the gate itself was almost a replica of the one in Maryland.

Once inside we began our slow trek through the vendor shops, stage performances and food stalls. We (well, Joyce) always purchases a few items and this was no different, however, the purchases had to be few and small since space and weight was at a premium in our trailer.

After five hours of walking, eating and watching  people, many who dress in the Renaissance era style, we said enough and headed back home to our boys.  It was a very enjoyable time and we look forward to attending a different one in a different state in the future.

Waiting for the "King" to arrive.

Opening ceremonies.

Street performers making the rounds.

Need a Renaissance outfit?

Something for everyone.

The joust.

Many stage performers.

Many great artisans, too.

One of our major objectives for this stop was to catch up on several things: vehicle maintenance, restocking the pantry and just sitting in one place.  We had been on the move so much for the past several months we wanted to sleep in on some mornings and just lounge around the RV park. And that we did. While doing so we made a pleasant surprise.

We had seen, each evening for the first few days, a couple walking a pair of Shelties. Every time they went by our site the smiled and waved. On the third night I went up to them for something was very familiar about them. As we talked I began to recognize him.  We had worked together in the same office at Ft. Meade.  He had retired from the military shortly after I came into the office, but continued on in his position as a civilian contractor for a while. That was in the year 2000. But, it didn't stop there.

While preparing our home in Maryland for sale, we spent several weeks at the Ft. Meade RV park. While there we noticed a couple with two Shelties.  I thought the man looked familiar, but at that time we were both consumed prepping the house for closing. We departed Ft. Meade without speaking with the couple. It was the same couple who was now here with us in Colorado.  What a small world.  During our stay here, we enjoyed their company on several occasions.

On our last full day in Colorado Springs we decided to explore Manitou Springs, an area where we had gone before, but did not get a chance to stop. The town is a very historic place and walking thorough the shops was interesting. We ran across a small rustic restaurant called the Stagecoach Inn so we decided to stop in and get a cold one and an appetizer. Joyce ordered a Chorizo Quesadilla and I the Rocky Mountain Oysters.  For those not familiar with Rocky Mountain Oysters, click on the previous link.  They were very good and yes, they tasted sorta like chicken.  I had always wanted to try these and this was the first place we had been that had them on the menu. It was a very neat place overlooking a creek, the beer was cold and oysters great.

Restored from an original.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Chorizo Quesadillas

Once back home with the boys it was time for a little play and prepping for the next day's departure. We had enjoyed our time here immensely.  We felt renewed and ready to continue our journey.  Our next destination would be Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Lots of things to do there and we were looking forward to exploring the area.

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