Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hurricane/St. George, Utah-North Las Vegas, Nevada (May 1, 2012)

Short and easy 2.5 hour/130 mile trip to the Nellis AFB RV Park in North Las Vegas, NV. Unfortunately, we were in a hurry and did not get to enjoy the scenery to much, although, it was mostly barren desert all the way. Seems our refrigerator was on the blink.

When we got up this morning we noticed the fridge was not quite as cold as it had been. By the time we had packed up and  ready to go it was getting very warm. By the time we arrived at the Nellis RV Park things were defrosted in the freezer. We immediately went to the PX and bought several styrofoam coolers and packed our food in them to keep them from going bad.  The temperature was in the low 90s and the fridge, now, was not working at all and it had an ammonia odor to it. Not good.

We called the local Camping World and they said they would look at it the next morning. OK. Nothing else we can do until tomorrow but eat out our frozen foods.  BBQ tonight.

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