Saturday, October 22, 2011

Always in Catch-up Mode

Seems like we are always in the catch-up mode. I was shocked to see our last substantial post was back in March of this year. Geez, that is, almost, inexcusable. Notice I said "almost". I guess the only excuse we can offer is the helter-skelter of our lives since that post. Best I can do is give a synopsis our adventure.

March 2011-

The trip to Mayport Naval Station RV park was without incident. We were assigned the same site as we had had the previous July when we were returning from Texas after adopting Rosco. It was right on the ocean at the mouth of the St. Johns river. A beautiful sight to wake up to every morning. As is always the case for that time of year the winds were constantly high. The temperatures, however, were very moderate so it was comfortable.

We spent most of our time exploring the area and eating awesomely fresh seafood.  A highlight of our stay was a journey across the St. Johns river on a ferry.  Rosco and Guinness, especially Guinness, did not know what to think.  He kept looking, nervously, down at the water the entire crossing and was ecstatic when we drove off onto the dock.  We took the bridge on the way back and he, I am sure, was very grateful.

Another highlight was visiting the Budweiser brewery in Jacksonville. It was a great experience and the tour was enlightening. Of course the free beer was good, too.  The most memorable, though, was seeing the Budweiser Clydesdales.  What an awesome exhibition.  We saw the three trucks drive up, wagon and trucks unloaded and the horses tacked.  That took the better part of an hour.  Their exhibition included circles around the parking lot and photo ops for the public.  How well behaved they are.  Beautiful.

Our stay at Mayport Naval Station was short, but we packed a lot into the time we stayed. Our next stop was Homossasa Springs, Florida located on the Gulf Coast about 80 miles north Clearwater. On the way there, we stopped in Gainesville for a short and pleasant visit with our nephew. Stayed tuned for more.

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