Thursday, February 18, 2010

Enough Already...

Enough of the cold weather that is. The past few days have been moderating, but it is still dipping into the freezing temperatures at night. It looks like, however, there will be a warming trend over the next week or so. Hope it continues and the forecasts are correct. Dealing with the cold weather in your home is not like dealing with it in an RV, especially, if you are boon-docking it. These things are not made for sub-freezing weather.

Guinness and Joyce saw a beautiful red fox run through the glen early this morning. Guinness pined for 20 minutes wanting to go out and play with him. Not a good idea. If he had been off-leash when he saw him he would have been chasing him through the woods trying to catch up with him.

Brush clearing is progressing. Each day we (mostly Joyce's effort) clear a small amount and burn it for warmth. Makes for a good afternoon as it gets cooler. As it gets more open, we are seeing more wildlife venture in and around us.

We took a Foody Tour last week. We will make a post about that soon. It was awesome, lots of fun and very filling.

We continue to hang out here in the low country woods. Birds are becoming more active and we see, maybe, an early spring here. Well deserved, we are sure. Hope all is well with everyone out there. We think of y'all often.


Jean said...

I think it's fun to find out what wildlife we have as neighbors. It sounds like you're discovering some interesting neighbors as well.

Jo said...

We're being run over by wildlife... Sunday afternoon, a big doe came running through our backyard at full speed. Had someone been out there, they'd have been knocked winding. Then, our fox ran right by the back corner of the house last night. Fred and I just stay inside.... He meows at the bluebirds when they feed in the yard. I wonder what he'd do with one if he caught it!