Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Living Large

We are pretty much set up the way we want. There are a few more minor things we need to do, but for now we are comfortable. From now on we will be just doing house keeping, brush clearing and relaxing.

The weather has been great with the highs in the 60F-70F (15C-21C) range and the lows at night in the 40F-50F (4C-10C) range. During the cooler periods and at night we have a small electric heater that works quite well in our small space. This saves us from using the RV heater which runs on propane. Electricity here is much cheaper than propane and almost one quarter the price as electricity in Maryland. We still keep it cool (62F/16.5C) and wear our sweats in the evening.

We are having an all day rain event so we will be having a down day and just do some reading and listening to some quite music. Even Guinness is enjoying the relaxing.

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Jean said...

Good looking set up.

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