Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Good Day

Every day here is a good day. Some are just better than others. What makes one better? Well, maybe we were more productive that yesterday? Maybe it was warmer? Maybe we just lazed around? No matter, all days are good here.

We woke to a temperature of 33F/0.5C. That is very cold here. We already knew of the freeze warning so we made our preparations the night before with our plants and other things regarding the RV's safety. Some hot coffee and a great cheese omelet and bacon breakfast made the start of our day hearty.

I was off to Lowe's early to pick up a few things to finish the electrical upgrade for the RV. We currently have 20 ampere service and the RV requires 30 amperes. The breakers had tripped often this past summer and had continued to do so since we arrived last week. To correct the problem I needed to add a 30 ampere breaker to the main electrical panel and install a 30 ampere connector for the RV electrical cable.

With all the materials in hand I began the installation. Keep in mind my entire adult life has been working with electricity, of one form or another, and I was very careful with the installation and made sure I followed the local electrical codes. I took my time and after an hour or so we had our full electrical service. That made it a good day in itself.

Meantime, Joyce had been doing some more clearing and burning and in between she made sure Guinness was getting his exercise. Once I had finished with the electrical upgrade she asked me to sit and rest for a while. We did that while sipping a small adult beverage in front of a nice fire she had made in our block fireplace. It was almost 4 PM and the temperature was already dipping back into the 40s. Nice and warm, dog at our feet, sun going down and we are here.

Now isn't that another good day? Every day is a good day here.

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