Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Please....take a moment and thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country. These individuals, from the conception of our great nation to the present, served our country with honor. And, also, thank those who have served, no matter in what capacity, those that are serving and those that will serve. They are the cornerstone of this great land and we owe every one of them the deepest gratitude and respect.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Guinness' Six-Month Update

Guinness turned six months old on April 25th and he is doing great. He has done a lot in the past few months and continues to be quite the character. He still has his puppy qualities, but he is slowly growing out of them. During a visit to the vet Monday, he tipped the scales at 45 pounds and stands 24 inches tall (at the shoulders). This is about a big as he will get.

His visit to the vet yesterday was for the inevitable surgery dogs his age go through. OUCH!!!!! He braved the visit and surgery well, but, when home, became very lethargic and in obvious discomfort. He slept well after taking a strong pain pill, but today seems in more discomfort than yesterday. He is sleeping a lot and that seems to comfort him. The next few days will be the worst,

but we are sure he will get through them fine in spite of the cone collar he is wearing.

Over the past month he has attended two Doodle Romps. Doodle Romp??? This is where owners of Doodles bring their dogs together and let them play. It is amazing. The first romp we attended was in the Richmond area and was held in the back yard of a Doodle owner. About 25 Doodles and their owners attended and romped for hours in the warm sun. It was hilarious to watch these dogs run, bark, wrestle and do every thing a group of small children would do. Check out the Richmond Doodle Romp below.

The second romp celebrated Guinness’ 6-month birthday. It was held at Dewey Beach, Delaware, a very dog friendly place. Since the weather was supposed to be great we decided to make it weekend of camping. We set up our camp at Delaware’s Cape Henlopen State Park. This park is a beach environment and everything was sand and pine trees. Very nice, but for the cost ($32/night) it could have been better maintained (mainly in cleanliness). We all had a great time and it seems his wariness of the ocean has disappeared. He loved the waves and the sand. We did notice, however, he did not particularly associate with the other Doodles too much. There was one particular Doodle though he took to right away. It was another Labradoodle. All of the other, near 100 Doodles, were of other mixes, mostly Golden Doodles. After speaking with the owner of this Labradoodle we found this is a trait of the breed. They like to associate with their own breed. Very strange. Regardless, the weekend was awesome and we were exhausted by the time got home Sunday afternoon. Check out the Dewey Beach Doodle Romp below.

We know Guinness loves the outdoors, especially, the woods and open fields. We took him recently to a rails-to-trails park and made a 3-mile trek up and back. This trail is all wooded and is adjacent to a small river. Again, we all had a great time and are looking forward to repeating that adventure. Since we love to ride our mountain bikes, we are looking for a bike trailer so we can all enjoy that experience. More to come on that.

With the weather getting warmer, we intend to make some trips in the convertible. He has taken one small trip in it with the top down and enjoyed it, but we were concerned about the wind in his face. More specifically, the risk of something, like a bug, hitting his eyes. We took care of that. We found a small pet shop in Lewes, Delaware that sells Doggles and we tried them on. He did not mind them and found he could stick his head out the window and enjoy it. What a dog.

Not sure what our next adventure will be, but it will certainly include all three of us. Stay tuned.

Should anyone be interested in a chocolate Labradoodle similar to Guinness, Mountain Creek Doodles just delivered a new litter of Guinness' brothers and sisters yesterday. Check them out on the link on the left side of this page.