Friday, February 13, 2009

North to...not Alaska...Massachusetts

Our first away time since we returned from Georgia this past Sunday through Wednesday. We decided, on a whim, to run up to Massachusetts to visit our daughter and her family. We left Sunday morning and visited my Army buddy, Jeff, in New York. Jeff and I go way back to this month in 1968 when he arrived in the
Philippines and became my roommate for almost two years. We have been great friends ever since.

Monday morning we continued our trek to Massachusetts and arrived at Heather's home mid-morning. What a warm welcome. The biggest event was her dog, Bear, a two year old Golden Retriever, and Guinness. They were both extremely excited about each other and hit it off tremendously. The only down-side to the trip was Guinness had developed car sickness and we had to stop several times both Sunday and Monday to clean up. Hope he grows out of that.

Heather arranged a casual dinner that evening and both of our grandchildren were there as well as our great granddaughter. To make things more homey, our newly found niece and her children attended, also. What a grand time. We are so blessed.

Guinness and Bear were awesome with their socializing. It took a day, but by the time we left Wednesday, they were playing and acting like they were life long puppy mates. Guinness whined when we left. He missed Bear.

Even though the trip was short, we had a great time and were saddened when we departed.

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