Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Week of Interesting Adventures

It has been a week since our last post. Wow! A whole week. Seems like only several days. I must say this past week has been very... well... interesting. Most of our time is consumed with Guinness. Most of our time? Should I say 24/7? We have decided that having a puppy like Guinness, a very smart puppy, is like having a newborn baby. A new born baby, however, wears diapers. I guess we could put him in diapers, but we see that as a cop out.

He sleeps well and, from day one, through the night with only one outing per evening. No accidents there, yet. His house breaking is progressing. He is not there, but better each day. He has picked up the "sit" command very well and the "no" exceptionally well. His play time is a ball for both of us. We sit for hours watching his antics. He is such a comic. We are truly blessed with Guinness. He has filled an empty spot in our lives and his unconditional dependency on us makes us both realize we still have something to give in these later years.

He is definitely going to be an outside type of dog. He loves it in the woods and he is great on his leash, even when squirrels are around. He is getting very used to the truck and looks as if he will love traveling. That was one of our concerns since we are always on the go. And did I mention he has grown a bunch just in this past week? His little harness is already tight and we had to let it out. This past week has been very interesting.

Besides tomorrow being a new day it is going to be a new environment. Schedule calls for us to be up early, pack up, hook up and travel to the Jacksonville Naval Air Station RV Park in Florida. That will be our home for the next two weeks. It will be a test for Guinness. New everything except his home on wheels.

It has been an excellent time to introduce him to things. Here at Ft. Stewart the 3rd Infantry Division was having their annual Brigade Competitions. This pits the Division's three brigades against each other in what the do best. Shoot. Shoot all kinds of things to include BIG cannons. Oh! The ranges are only a few miles from us. So....lots of big noises. He got used to them real quick. When one of the cannon volleys go off in the middle of the night....not a budge. He ignores all the small arms firing. Such a trooper.

Weather has been great. The past few days have been close to 80F/26C. Looks like it will be that way fro the next 3-4 days then a cold spell.....down in the 60s. Na-a-a-y-y-y. Gonna hate to go back north again.

Hope all is well with everyone. We are doing fine. Hopefully, I will update a bit more frequently from this point on. Tally Ho!!!

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