Monday, December 8, 2008

Honey...We're Home

Seems that way anyhow. We started out for Georgia yesterday at 4:30 AM and arrived at the Ft. Stewart RV park at 4:15 PM. Traffic was light and the weather clear and cold. We had to stop at our storage facility to pick up our 5th wheel hitch and a few other items and then to the RV storage to hook up. The RV storage is adjacent to the RV park. Once we hooked up we went to our assigned pad which was directly across from the pad we had this past summer. You remember, the one with all the rattlesnakes. Also, the one that had the over-hanging tree that destroyed our awning. Well, the curse of Pad #3 still haunts us.

Our assigned Pad #2 is very hard to get into because the way the "engineers", gimme a break, designed it. To get in, you first have to pull part way into Pad #3, remember the rattlesnakes, and then back in. problem. Pad #3 was empty so we pulled part way in and lined up. Whoops!!! Big problem. Since we left last August, the "engineers", gimme a break, put in new electric pedestals. A big improvement over the electric boxes that were laying on the ground. These pedestals accommodate electric, water, telephone and cable TV. But, the only thing they hooked up was the electric. They left the water spigot laying on the ground.This is a "government" installation, remember?

You getting the picture yet? Water spigot on the ground. Me into the site trying to back a 34 foot trailer into a pad that is designed for a 12 foot pop-up? And it is almost dark? You got it. Ran over the spigot and broke it off. Water, water everywhere and not a drop for anyone occupying pad #3.

I finally got the trailer onto our pad and went to the camp host to explain the situation. Thank God he was reasonable and sympathetic. In fact, he called the Ft. Stewart plumbers and they came out to shut off the water on the pad. All it cost was the campground without water for 30 minutes and a red face. No eggs were thrown. Today, they came back to put another spigot in. On the new pedestal???? Gimme a break. That job is for someone else. The curse of Pad #3 goes on.

We spent today setting up and calming down from the previous day. Twelve hours on the "Highway of Death"(seen that analogy before?) and the events that followed wore us out. The next few days will be trying to relax, getting things ready for Guinness and generally enjoying the Christmas season. More to come.......

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