Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guinness is Home!!!!!!!

Yep, home safe and sound. We departed for Simpsonville, SC this morning at 6 AM to pick up Guinness. Simpsonville is the home of Mountain Creek Doodles. We stopped a few places to do a bit of shopping before we arrived at Mountain Creek, but we were on time for our scheduled 12 PM pick up. After spending some time with Robyn, Tom and Guinness' Mom, Lucy, we headed out in a terrific downpour. Made no difference. Guinness was with us.

The trip back took almost 6 hours. The rain stayed with us all the way although not as bad as the first couple of hours. As we were passing through Clinton, SC, we heard on the radio there was a tornado on the ground a mile or so from us. We were on I-26 heading east and the rain was so hard most people were pulling off the road. Even the truckers. I have been through some heavy rain while driving over the years, but this had to be one of the worst. It kinda let up after we passed Columbia and continued as light rain the rest of the way. Something to remember the day by.

This puppy is awesome. We have a doggy booster seat between us and he spent half of the trip in the seat and the other half in Joyce's lap. About two hours into the trip he lost his fear and became very curious of the surroundings. He started watching the trucks and cars passing by.

We stopped several times and each time, once he was placed on the ground, he did his potty and was ready to get back in the truck. What a trooper and traveler. He is going to do well.

When we got back to the trailer, Joyce gave him some water and dinner. Potty again. Man these little cuties go often. Just as I remembered my kids doing.

There has been lots of play time and several naps. We are about to wake him again and walk him a bit for his last nightly excursion before bed. We put him in a small harness and he has already adapted very well to a leash. I am sure he will be up tonight and we have prepared ourselves for that. We intend to take him out every 3 hours or so. Now the training begins. We are so happy.


Jean said...

Hi, Guinness!

Lori and Dock said...

He's so cute!!! Can't wait to meet Guinness!! Merry Christmas!!