Sunday, November 30, 2008

It has been rainy and cold all day. Was a good day to kick back. Veronica and Brandon left early this morning and we just relaxed after that. They wore us out. Guess we are not as spry as we once were. Oh, well.

We spent yesterday morning at the Anne Arundel Youth Football Associations' 2008 Championships. Why you ask? Well, one of our grandsons, Shane, was playing in one of the championship playoff games. He plays in the 80 Pound League and is an offensive tackle. These kids were awesome. The parents were going wild. Closing my eyes, I could see ourselves at a high school or college football game. And to top it all off, they played at the U.S. Naval Academy Stadium in Annapolis. It was a clear, crisp day and the excitement was everywhere. Quite the event. They lost though. But they played one heck of a game to try and beat their opponents. As they grow older and if they keep up their training, they will be awesome in high school and college. What was more amazing was how their coaches talked to them. I can see why they are a championship team. Great kids and terrific coaches.

We now have a match to the name Guinness and a puppy. This is a picture of him at 4 weeks old. He was 5 weeks old yesterday. We made the decision today and, at present, we pick him up at 11 AM on December 13th. The excitement mounts.

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