Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now that we are back in Maryland we spend each day trying to figure out ways to get back out of here. We departed Georgia August 12, 2008 and arrived here two days later. We took the long way home. We have been back only three weeks now. These three weeks seem longer than the two months we spent in Savannah. Time drags when you are NOT having fun.

We have been busy, though. Cleaning, home maintenance and preparing for our next trip. In September, the Berry Family will have their annual reunion. This year it will be in Florence, Alabama. Many of the Berrys from colonial North Carolina migrated south to Georgia, into Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and farther west. These reunions have become a special time for our extended family and we look forward to them each year. The following video is from the reunion in 2007. This was held in Orange County, North Carolina where our ancestors took root and established our family. The group visited the actual home place that they built in 1766 called Fiddleton Plantation. The land was occupied by Robert Berry in 1751 and after getting married and starting a family, he constructed this home. More to come after the reunion.

We are doing some car shows and that seems to keep us in a good mood. Other than that we are sticking pretty close to home.