Monday, June 30, 2008

Well, here we are again in the swamps of coastal Georgia....and loving it. We are at the Ft. Stewart Campground, which is located about 30 miles southwest of Savannah. Ft. Stewart is the home of the 3rd Infantry Division and they are just returning from a one-year deployment in Iraq. They are the heroes of this country for it is their efforts that the situation in Iraq has turned around and the Iraqi people are taking control of their country. Welcome home heroes.

We left Maryland in the early hours of June 16th and drove straight here. We stayed the night in our local motel and went straight to St. Marys, Georgia where our trailer was stored at Kings Bay Naval Base. It was only and hour and a half back to Ft. Stewart's campground so we were set up and cooking dinner by 6 PM. Nice start. Weather was in the 90s...humid...occasional thunderstorm and oh....a tornado! Love this place.

Our intention was to come here and relax and that is exactly what we are doing. We go fishing, lay on the beach, read, ride our bikes, take pictures and cook the freshest seafood you have ever had. We do not intend to do anything extraordinary, but who knows, the opportunity may arise and we'll do it.

The weather here is pretty constant. Daytime temperatures are usually in the low 90s with the humidity around 75%. Each afternoon thundershowers pop up and cool things down a bit. The nightime temperatures are in the low 70s. Usually there is a lot of sunshine with the puffy fair weather clouds drifting over.

Our routine is a day of activity and a day of rest at our campsite. Saturday we went to our lot and began clearing the brush form the location where the house will be built. Also clearing the drive so we can get our 5th wheel into it. Had to go slow because the heat was in the 90s and we aren't as young as we once were. :( Sunday we rested at the campsite and did some reading, computer stuff and general relaxing. We do not have Internet access here nor is there cable TV available so we are pretty much excluded from the outside. We do listen to the radio some, our IPod and watch some of the DVDs we brought with us.

Today we are on the way to Tybee Island to do some surf fishing and swimming. Tybee is a great place that has not been over developed yet. Makes for some quiet times on the beach. Wednesday we plan to take a bike trip around Jekyl Island. The whole island is a state park and most of it is a natural habitat for many types of birds and mammals.

Well, enough for now. Think we'll go sit in the shade, read our books and sip on a couple of iced Margaritas. Darn....I is a hard life, but....someone has to do it.