Saturday, May 31, 2008

I guess it is time to post an update on here. I have been a bit lax in doing so because there really hasn’t been much going on. We are still in Maryland trying to sell our house. We have been having open house weekends every weekend since late February. It is tiresome, disappointing and aggravating. No offers as of yet, but we are not alone. No one else who has their house for sale are getting offers either. Oh, well…..we are just going to have to wait this out. Dang timing!!!

We have not completely been house bound through these past few months, though. Let me digress for a moment. In mid-December, we hauled the 5th wheel to Pensacola, Florida and planted ourselves at the Pensacola Naval Air Station RV Park ( for almost a month. We really enjoyed that stay. The park is right on the Gulf of Mexico shore and right at the end of the air station’s main runway. This is where the Navy’s Blue Angels ( live and we were lucky enough to see them practicing once while we were there. The weather however was down right cold and windy and that kept us from being on the beach very much. It even went below freezing several nights in a row. HEY!!! We obviously did not go far enough to the south. Overall though, it was a great trip and a peaceful holiday season for us.

In mid-January, we put the 5th wheel in storage at Kings Bay Navy Base and headed back to Maryland. Our plan was to work as hard as it would take to get the house ready for showing. It took about a month for that task and in late February we started showing on the weekends.

During the week we would either work on things here or take short trips locally. We have taken a few short military hops back to Savannah for business, but that is the farthest we have ventured. The highlight of our short travels was when we met Gabi and Gerald, our dear friends from Germany. They were here for a month long vacation/tour of the eastern section of this country. We met them in Tennessee and we all explored some of the natural wonders of that state for the better part of a week. It was a great time that we will do it again with them. The next time, though, we will travel to Germany and explore their country with them.

Another short trip took us to Bucks County, Pennsylvania ( We spent several days touring the county and marveled at the history that region has preserved. The people we met were so generous. Might go back there.

Well, that’s about it. We are planning a trip to Ohio for a few days and after that we will take the “For Sale” signs down and heading to Savannah for most of the summer. We would like to take our 5th wheel and go touring, but with diesel prices close to $5.00 a gallon, we have no choice but to haul it to a local RV park (Ft. Stewart, GA) and stay there. The park is a short distance from our lot and we will do some clearing work on it. Other than that, we expect to fish, shrimp, crab, do beach time and generally take it easy for several months. We plan to be back in Maryland by mid-August, but that is not firm.

Sorry for taking so long to post this, but I figured everyone would know that no news is not as disgusting as bad news. :-)

PS- The picture above was taken at Jacksonville, Florida Navy Base RV park the day before we headed back to Maryland. A beautiful sunset for a great trip.

PPS- I want to congratulate my dear friend, Major Jean Schara-Love on her retirement from the Air Force on this day, 31 May 2008. Jean has had a wonderful career and has served our country with honor and integrity. We thank her for that service and hope her life in retirement is as fulfilling as her service to this country. Thank you Jean. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!