Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 15-22:

Ft. Stewart Campground is located in the center of the fort near a small lake. The entirety of Ft. Stewart is only 20-30 feet above sea level and has many low-lying areas that are covered by water (swamps). This is not unlike the surrounding areas of Savannah. This is the reason they call this area the “Low Country”.

Our first day here was warm and humid. other words, normal temperatures. Just that they have stayed around a bit longer than normal. The fort engineers were “bush hogging” some of the land near the campsite and this caused a lot of insects to be disturbed. Especially…the mosquito. We are used to taking the normal precautions for the pest, but this time it was awful. The second you went outside, you were covered with swarms of them. Needless to say, we and the other campers spent most of our time in our rigs. No problem. A/C made it comfortable and we needed to kick back anyway. This gave us the excuse to do just that.

We ventured out a few times to see some sights and even took a trip to King’s Bay Naval Submarine Base. King's Bay is in St.Mary’s, GA which is about 40 miles north of Jacksonville, FL. While there, we found a place to store out 5th wheel instead of towing it back to Maryland and winterizing it. If we had done that, we would not be able to use it until the spring. Also, the cost of the storage was cut by two-thirds. Win-win situation all the way.

We are leaving today for Emerald Isle, NC to visit our cousin Ben at his place on the beach. Even more kick back time. Think we’ll extend our stay here.


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