Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 1:

September 30, 2007 (Happy Birthday Hurley)

I hate getting up early anymore. We wanted to get started early to beat the mayhem around D.C. so we set the alarm for 4:30 AM. Would you know it, we both woke up around 12:30 AM and it was hit-and-miss with sleep from there. We were up before the alarm sounded and were on the road at 5:40 AM. Four hours sleep does not work well when you are hauling 12,000 lb. of trailer in Sunday traffic. We took it slow, though (much to everyone’s chagrin) and made it to our first stopping point by 3:30 PM.

Concord, NC is the home of NASCAR racing. We’re staying at the Fleetwood RV Park right next to Lowe’s Motor Speedway. This is the home of most of the “big” racing teams in NASCAR. The park is humongous and can accommodate over three hundred RVs. Since this is a “non-event” weekend, we had a choice pull-through spot. Took all of 10 minutes to set up and pop a cool one after the ten-hour drive (one driver-me). Thank goodness the traffic was light. Regardless, we were exhausted.

After some snacks, we ate a light dinner….to the tune of several NASCAR teams testing their cars at the track. Ahhhhh! Music to our ears. Better than what was on the TV or radio.

Early to bed. Big touring day tomorrow. Got the coffee maker set for 7:00 AM. Let’s see if we can get up by then.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Well….Here it is…Fall and I have just now realized that I have not posted anything since early May. Jeeez…what a slouch I’ve turned out to be. Must be the retirement thing. HA!!! Not hardly. We have been so busy that I cannot believe it is the end of September already. So what have we been doing to be so busy? Funny you should ask.

The next day after retiring, I started into fixing up our house to get it ready for sale. Joyce had already been into this task for several months. Remember, we have to sell here before we can move to Savannah. I did not realize how much needed to get done just to make it “pretty from the curb”. It seemed like this task would never end. Unbelievable how things can wear down and one not notice it until one looks at it differently. The place was a wreck.

We started in and between trips to the dump (many trips) and cleaning, painting, replacing, fixing, etc., we found ourselves working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day. All of a sudden it hit us. Exhaustion that is. We stopped to re-evaluate. What do buyers do when they come to look at a house? We asked for some opinions and found we had already surpassed the point where we should have stopped. So we did.

We then began to take trips. Most were day or weekend trips until we realized that the housing market was so bad that no one was selling anything anywhere. So we expanded our trips. By July we had pretty well exhausted our fixing/cleaning uppings and our family reunion was coming up quick (19-21 July). We departed for it early in our fiver (short for 5th wheel trailer) and plunked into an RV site in Durham, NC just a few miles from the reunion site. Our plan was to help our cousin, Ben, to finish the preparations for the reunion. Surprise…..He had finished almost everything. So…Ben and I went researching at the archives and Joyce and Jean went shopping. We both came home with great stuff. The reunion came and went and it turned out to be a huge success.

A few days after returning to Maryland, we picked up again and headed a short distance to the north to Gettysburg, PA. We have always liked it there and have spent many, many hours researching and enjoying the area. We spent quite a while in Granite Hill RV Park and Campground and started to wind down. But, time had come to pick up and get back, so we did.

The travel bug bit us again soon after we returned so we headed to southwest Virginia to visit our daughter (sans fiver). We had a ball and partied the whole time. Like to have killed us. I hate saying we are getting too old for this s****. But I guess we are …DARN!!!!

From there we took off to West Virginia and traveled around the mountains until we got tired of them. We never really got tired of the mountains, just driving. We still hadn’t recovered from our daughter’s parties. We headed home and crashed for 3 days.

We were able to find some things to do around here for a week or so until we got restless again. You see, when we are here we get stressed because things (house selling) are not going right. So to get unstressed, we leave. Sometimes for extended periods of time.

We packed up the truck, hitched up the fiver and plunked ourselves into a comfortable site at the Cherrystone RV Park and Family Campground. It is located at the end of the Delmarva Peninsula in Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay side. Right on the water. We spent many evenings watching the sun go down over the bay. But as life has it…that too had to come to an end.

So here we are. Reading ourselves for another trip already. This time we will be gone for close to a month and will be traveling to Concord, NC to visit many of the NASCAR Racing Teams facilities first. From there onto Gainesville, GA where we will attend the Petite Le Mans race at Road Atlanta. We’re going to get all the pictures and autographs we can of the Compuware Corvette drivers and teams.

Our next stop will be a few days of decompression at Ft Gordon’s campground on Lake Strom Thurmond. Will definitely get some fishing in there. Then back to Concord, NC where we will attend the Bank of America 500 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. That should be interesting for we will be “dry” camping (no hook-ups) and will be there for 5 days. Wow!!! Can we take 5 days of tailgating? We will see.

If we can make it, the next morning we will head for Ft. Stewart’s campground near Savannah. That is scheduled for a week’s stay. Got business and pleasure there. We hope to find a place to store the fiver for the winter. That way we do not have to winterize it and all we would have to do is drive to Savannah and hook up for trips in the south over the winter.

Finally, we head to Emerald Isle, NC for a few days stay with Cuzzin Ben. More fishing and decompression. From there…back to Maryland to plan for our next trip. Hopefully that will be within a week or two of getting back. Seems we have developed “itchy” feet.

I will do my best and keep the posts coming while on the road. Look for more frequent updates in the future. Tally Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!