Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We went to the RV storage lot this morning to do some prep work on the car trailer for the upcoming trips this month to Savannah. It took just a few minutes to realize that the two back lock hasps had been cut. We backed off and called the police right away. Once they arrived, we went inside and found that the thugs only took the Mustang's battery...nothing else. After looking around at the other trailers in the lot, we found that 6 more utility trailers had been broken into. There are probably two dozen RVs there, including ours, and they had not been touched. Almost every one has a battery unsecured on it, but no touchy did they do on them. They facility owners were devastated, but did not say anything other than, "Sorry!". Of course, every one of those places make sure they are not responsible for theft. It'll cost about $45 dollars to fix the hasps and replace the battery, but.....wish I had my shotgun and was there when they were. Grrrrrrrr

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