Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We needed to determine whether the house plan we had picked would fit in the clearing on the lot. To make this determination we needed to travel to Savannah and measure the area. We left Baltimore early (5 AM) Saturday morning (Feb 18th) and headed south on I-95 to Savannah. We arrived that afternoon at 5 PM. The next morning we went out to the lot and began the survey.

We started at the front corner on the road and marked the two driveway entrances. We then plotted the driveway as it curves into and out of the lot. Once locating the driveway we marked the clearing where the house will set. We continued to plot the larger clearing where the garage will be located. The final result was the house would fit into the clearing. This confirms the house plan we will go with. All of our work is documented for you too see in an album called "Will it fit"?

We returned to Baltimore on the 20th after another 12-hour drive north on I-95. The result of this trip helped us make a major decision and now we can continue to move ahead. Our next step will be working with the county to make sure the location of the septic field and the water well will be acceptable and with the electric company to determine their right-of-ways. Things are getting serious now. More to come.

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